Offset Book Printing

Offset book printing produces the highest quality book at the best per unit price.  The more book that are printed, the cheaper the price per book is going to be.  Offset printing uses ink and not toner and prints the book in signatures.  Just like digital book printing, it is important to find a printer that specializes in offset book printing if that is going to be the method that makes the most sense for printing the book.

Quality of Offset Book Printing

Offset book printing produces the highest quality book because of the way the book is printed.  Ink is used in this process and not toner and the book is printed in groups of pages called signatures.  The signatures are printed and then they are bound together to form the book.  The most popular binging method is perfect bound for a paperback book.  This method of printing is done for the large majority of the books that are in stores today.  It is a very specialized process, which means it is very important to find an offset book printer and not a print shop that simply says they can print a book.  There are literally thousands of printers out there, but that list drops to the tens when looking for a professional shop that specializes in offset book printing.  Find one of those printers to get the best quality book.

Costs of Offset Book Printing

Pricing for offset book printing can vary greatly.  Paper costs and other material costs play a large part in determining what the price will be so the printers that can but on larger volume are going to be able to offer better prices.  Get a couple of quotes before determining which printer to use.  It is also important to print the right volume of books so you can get the right price.  The per book price for 5000 books is going to be much lower than the per book price for 1000 books.  Having a plan is very important.  With distribution and marketing programs available, it could definitely be worth printing 5000 books to get that unit price as low as possible.

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