About Go-Publish-Yourself.com

Go-Publish-Yourself.com launched in 2003 and was one of the first comprehensive self-publishing resource websites.  The site was purchased by us (Hillcrest Media Group, Inc.) in 2006.  As we continued to grow, Go-Publish-Yourself became a "Yeah, we really need to update that site" kind of project.  Go-Publish-Yourself (or GPY as it's nicknamed around the office) was that pesky younger sibling who always wanted to hang out with us (even though in our case GPY was actually older than us).

Finally, one day, we realized that maybe we were ignoring GPY because we were afraid that it might be cooler than we were.  So, after five years of ignoring it, our staff worked like crazy to relaunch GPY.  Here, you will find helpful tips about self-publishing, excellent resources, and discounts from companies that provide services to authors.

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We're all about giving authors relevant facts and information about self-publishing.  Yes, we have divisions that provide services to authors.  No, other than ads on the site, we won't pimp them in our content.  All self-publishing service providers are welcome to advertise on here and provide content.  We especially want articles from industry experts and authors who want to tell their own self-publishing stories.

The Publishing Revolution is here.  Go-Publish-Yourself is thrilled that we're going to be in the middle of it.

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