Online Book Marketing: Making Book Sales One Click Away

So maybe online book marketing doesn’t sound as exciting as throwing a big expensive launch party or going on a book tour but in our increasingly digital world, online book marketing can truly be the most effective way to generate buzz and increase your book sales.  At Go Publish Yourself we point you to resources that will help you build your platform, establish presence and credibility all through online book marketing.

Not totally convinced that online book marketing works? Try this exercise next time you are in your car. Tune into a morning talk show and listen to whoever happens to be on.  When you get home or to your office, try and remember the name of the person being interviewed. Unless they are already a household name or you have an exceptional memory, it’s not so easy.

So now it’s time for a little math:

  1. Take the number of potential customers who even listen to the radio on a regular basis
  2. Subtract the number of people who happen to tune into a particular show
  3. Subtract from that the number of people who happen to catch that interview segment
  4. Subtract from that the number of people who care to remember or write down the name of the person being interviewed
  5. Subtract from that the number of people who would happen to perform an internet search for  that name and find the interviewee’s website
  6. Finally, subtract from that the number of people who might actually decide to buy a product from this website…

It’s not a big number, is it?

Imagine how many more people you would have in this pool if you could start this little math problem at step 5, or better yet, step 6?  That is what your online book marketing campaign can do for you.

Radio spots, TV interviews, and glossy magazine reviews are not only hard to come by (there is only so much print space and air time every week) but they last mere moments. Links to your website and sales page are forever and help your site to rank higher with search engines and increase the likelihood that someone stumbles upon your site. It should also be mentioned that online book marketing means no waiting. No waiting for long lead times. No waiting to hear back from someone’s assistant. No waiting for the next issue to come out. An online environment means instant sharing, instant access, and instant feedback.

Let Go Publish Yourself introduce you to some of the other great services, tools, ideas, and people that can help you launch your online book marketing.

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